Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beat on the Irish Street: Benz E-Class-amino

Turning your old beater into a home brew el Camino is just about always a great idea. The usual recipe involves an old station wagon, a Sawzall, a lot of diamond plate and a case or two of your favorite brew. Starting off with a Mercedes Benz E300 (W210) sedan is an unusual step and I think its safe to assume this guy's Mercedes Benz Club membership has been revoked.
As a Benz owner myself, I have mixed feelings about about slicing and dicing a fine piece of German engineering. Surely a less prestigious automobile could have been put under the knife. Is Ireland devoid of Volvo 740s? Although to give him credit the work does appear to be several notches above the typical back yard job. As a rolling bill board for a repair shop that's probably required. The front grill is also rather tasteless but that's a minor offense in comparison to the rear.

Whether or not you condone this behavior, this was one of the few cars of any character I found in more than two weeks exploring the emerald isle not counting the Morris Minor in the background. That will gets its own post. Both cars were enjoying the sun and sea in the town of Howth (rhymes with growth) a 25 minute train ride north of Dublin.

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