Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marketplace Feature: Fiat Siata Spring

A tiny, rear engine, Italian car is one way to earn massive credibility around the BeaterBlog water cooler and this car fits the bill. I only wish it was any other Fiat 850 and not the odd looking Siata re-bodied Spring model. 1960's nostalgic styling hasn't aged well especially compared to its svelte standard coupe and sedan cousins. The price seems a bit high for a car that may not have been running in my lifetime and won't be worth much more with all forty horsepower present. On the plus side, it looks pretty well complete and if you pass up this one you may never get another chance. I'll wait for the next one.

Detroit Craiglist

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  1. I bought mine in 1972, paid $2700 for it, put 3000 miles on it and then sold it for $1700, still felt like I ripped the girl off. The car would bot stsy in time.I was told that it had plastic gears in the distributor. Was a lot of fun to drive, when it would run. Fiat in Gainesville Fl. Would not honor the warrenty and I did not feel like taking it to Miami every time I had a problem, so I sold it. Do not waste your time or money