Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marketplace Feature - French Engined Vacation Equipment

We don't really dive into boats and RVs all that often at Beaterblog but being it's nearly the 4th of July weekend and everyone will be either traveling to the UP or casting off into the nearest body of water here in Michigan, we might as well feature stuff that isn't seaworthy alongside stuff that isn't roadworthy.

The stars in the craigslist galaxy have aligned producing two French engined boats and a French engined Winnebago for the Beaterblog reader's vacationing pleasure.

First is a Renault engined sideways-Vis-a-Vis Pere Marquette 16' Inboard/Outboard that is currently more inboard that outboard as the outdrive is missing. I'm not knocking the reliability of Renault engines but given the obscure nature of the project and the apparent long period of dormancy, I'd also search craigslist for 'paddle', lifejacket', and 'fire extinguisher'.

Next on the party supplies list is a 15' 1966 Hydrodyne inboard/outboard speedboat with a Simca engine. As a Simca owner, I can guarantee you that unless a gigantic rotary muffler is hanging off the side of the motor paired with an equally massive intercooler, it will not live up to the prefix of -speed anything. When pieced back together, it will happily tow home the boat below. The owner states that he is "willing to consider almost anything in trade" so get to it.

Obviously, you would be completely crazy to tow these boats across the bridge with anything this wasn't somehow French as well. Since neither my Simca nor Victors Peugeot would drag these fiberglass parts storage bins, I have a suggestion. For sale right here in Detroit is a Winnebago Centauri Diesel. But it's not just any Diesel - a Renault Diesel - and as the owner astutely points out, the same as was fitted to the mid-80's Cherokees. But the Winnebago Centauri and LeSharo weren't just tarted up Jeeps but full blown rebodied Renault Trafics and Masters! Think of the opportunity - how else would one be able to obtain a Renault Master here in the US. The owner cites a lot of problems but I'm sure he's just exaggerating as I'm sure he really doesn't want to sell it.

So even if you're late at planning your 4th of July festivities, it's not too late. There are still plenty of options.

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