Monday, June 6, 2011

Beater Barn Find: Greek Citroen Junkyard

Friend of Beaterblog, Chris, has provided a find as unique as a mono-posted steering wheel - a Greek Citroen junkyard containing the quintessential DS but also the less recognizable models like the Axel, Visa, GS, and BX.

In this photo, a DS21 is guarded by an Axel on the right and two GS models on the left.

A blue and silver GS sit taillightless behind a hatch deprived BX

Built in Romania off of a platform deemed unusable by Peugeot during the takeover, this Citroen Axel looks bubbly but complete. If you see one that looks like it's missing one Chevron on the grill, it's actually the lower cost home market Oltcit.

Once surely carrying large amounts of Kalamata olives and dolmades, this GS Service Van now carries wasp nests and goat turds.

This Citroen Axel is blocking in a Citroen Visa as well as blocking the view of two GS'es and two DS21s

Thanks, Chris, for the great pictures!

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