Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marketplace Feature - French Engined Vacation Equipment

We don't really dive into boats and RVs all that often at Beaterblog but being it's nearly the 4th of July weekend and everyone will be either traveling to the UP or casting off into the nearest body of water here in Michigan, we might as well feature stuff that isn't seaworthy alongside stuff that isn't roadworthy.

The stars in the craigslist galaxy have aligned producing two French engined boats and a French engined Winnebago for the Beaterblog reader's vacationing pleasure.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beat on the Street - Lyra Odyssey

When you have a Lyra Odyssey, this 273cc single thumper equipped French microcar, you can park wherever you damn well please in the city of Strasbourg. And scowl at people taking pictures of it.

With a factor of safety of over 100% on the speedometer, the Lyra is capable of a brisk 45kph at the top end while getting about 94 miles per gallon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beaterblog Product Review - HF 20lb. Capacity Sand Blast Kit

After many evenings of applying paint stripper and diligently peeling off three layers of color and chemically disposing of my fingerprints, I decided that maybe sandblasting the engine bay of the Javelin was the method of choice to finish this stage of the paint preparation process. Naturally, I went to Harbor Freight to view their selection of shard wielding equipment for the job. I gravitated towards the 'Entry Level' models. It should have been a red flag that the marked price was $29.99 and I ended up paying a clearance price of $10.00 even.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obsolete but Available - 10 Old Cars You Can Still Buy New

Believe it or not, sometimes the never-ending drama of driving older vehicles causes me to start wondering what owning a car with zero miles is like. This typically causes me to start looking at cars that I can't have. But after a while of searching, I always conclude that I would miss most of what comes with driving older cars. In countries where running water isn't a given, I wouldn't have this conundrum as many cars on the verge of being called vintage are still available new! Here are just ten of the many cars out there that beat the retro crazy by patiently waiting.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beater Barn Find: Greek Citroen Junkyard

Friend of Beaterblog, Chris, has provided a find as unique as a mono-posted steering wheel - a Greek Citroen junkyard containing the quintessential DS but also the less recognizable models like the Axel, Visa, GS, and BX.

In this photo, a DS21 is guarded by an Axel on the right and two GS models on the left.