Monday, May 2, 2011

MGBGT 347 Update 5/2/11

Lots of progress and finally some pictures not taken from my cell phone, well most of them. This has been a prolonged project and some components have been in place long enough for a layer of dust/painting products/pollen/metal filings/who knows to collect, so you'll have to excuse the lack of cleaning. I'm waiting on the engine block to arrive which should be ready between May 9 and 13, in the mean time I'm finishing little details and trying to kill turkeys.

The finished interior

Details of the engine compartment

Had to break into the transmission, the yellow speedometer gear had slid out of position, hmm I guess the guy who had it before could never figure out why his speedometer didn't work.

Suspension, modified muffler, fuel cell, parts waiting deployment, and the oil cooler from the front.

Thats it for now...oh and the heads came in, I don't have a picture but they look great. They are AFR 185cc aluminum heads with upgraded valve springs and upgraded rocker studs.


  1. Unreal. Did you and Metty do the cagework? Those are some tight fits! I also admire your choice of duals-on-the-same-side exhaust.

  2. I did all the cagework alone, it's not perfect but not too bad for my first cage. The scale on the cage is overspray from the lizardskin. Yea I was hoping someone would notice the dual exhaust minus the weight of a second muffler.

  3. would love to hear your impressions on the lizardskin - how much did you end up using and how much added weight?

    this thing is going to be a beast! love your craftsmanship. very clean.

  4. Thanks for the compliments. I can't wait to drive it.

    The lizard skin as you probably know is actually two different stages. There is a sound coat and a heat coat, the sound coat is very clean and easy to spray while the heat coat, though not terrible, was like trying to spray little sponge pieces through a garden hose. I did not weigh the car before and after but the sound spray is at least twice as heavy as the heat spray and if I had to guess I would say together they added a total of 20 lbs to the car after drying. I cant speak for its perfoemance yet but the installation is comparable to sound matting and actually once you're setup its probably faster and it seals the interior off better. I sprayed mine in the dead of winter so I had to keep my uninsulated garage above 70 F for 3 days, other than that it's not bad.