Monday, March 28, 2011

MGBGT 302 Update 3/11

*******Murdered Out**************
Lots of progress since the last post and I apologize for the delayed posting of it. First of all I need to mention that the title, MGBGT 302, is incorrect. In fact I'm sorry to say that the 302 is just not going to work. By that I mean its just not enough cubes, so I'm stroking it to 347 ci!!!

Anyways here are some pictures of some recent progress. Plan is to have first drive before July!


  1. looks amazing! what'd you use to construct your dash and what'd you spray the interior with?

  2. Thanks, I made the dash from 0.095 thickness aluminum then sprayed it with krinkle coat black paint. The original steel dash was black krinkle coat. I lizard skin'd the interior.