Friday, March 25, 2011

Marketplace Feature - Series III V8

Parked next to a coastline every bit as dramatic and perilous as the typical service history of a V8 engined Land Rover is this Series III that, according to the whitewash artwork on the windshield, has the heart of a Leyland P76. The P76 should have several Beaterblog posts all it's own but for the purpose of this one, it's essentially the all-Australian equivalent of a car something like an AMC Hornet or Studebaker Lark - the domestic oddball answer to the very generic question of four-door sedan.

How long it had been for sale and how long it has sat are unknown but it's been at least long enough for many small - and obviously deadly - Australian spiders to weave webs in every nook and cranny. Surely they are now waiting patiently under doorhandles, window cranks, and air vents.

I don't know what the cost was on this thing but if I had to do another Australian adventure, I would seriously consider asking about something like this.

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