Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catastrophy Strikes - BMW Throws Connecting Rod onto Sidewalk!

As I was driving out to Parts Galore off 8 Mile in Detroit to meet Dave and Chris, the slight knock that the E30 had obtained the week before became noticeably louder - basically going from a light tap to door knocker-like. Being 20 miles from home and 20 miles from Parts Galore, I turned it around. With lots of luck and a little bit of Rotella, I limped nearly 20 miles on the shoulder of I-94 at 30mph to less than a half mile from home!

But my good fortune was short lived. Turning on to the home stretch and accelerating as gingerly as possible, the first connecting rod let loose at the third gear shift. I put my foot to the floor as the car was decelerating while parts were blowing around the inside of the crankcase. The second rod let loose dumping all loose matter in the engine on to the ground. The motor locked up and the car skidded to a halt in the median. Cranking was futile as the starter was Chuck Norris kicked by the #3 conrod's dramatic liberation from the rotating assembly.

Obviously, the massive amount of smoke, loud noise, and theatrical stop disturbed the flow of traffic causing large onlooker delays. When the smoke cleared and the prospect of fire less imminent, traffic started moving around the car again. In a break, I allowed the car to coast back into a neighborhood.

Being 1/2 mile from home, I started to walk back past the scene of the crime looking to my left as I passed. Still hot to the touch on the sidewalk was my #3 connecting rod, cast out of the passenger side of the car, under the guardrail and over the curb. Super.

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  1. Liberating con rods is never a good thing. Good thinking getting it on video.