Saturday, March 12, 2011

70's Car Enthusiast Enclave on Brunswick Street

Fitzroy, Melbourne's first suburb, is an eclectic area full of vintage clothing shops, steam punk mustaches, and independent coffee shops. Is it any surprise that there is a back alley filled with 70's Australian Iron? A malaise era vehicle is the perfect compliment to any collection of antique XXS T-shirts. A fixed gear Peugeot would fit nicely in the back of a panel van too.

The vehicles in question are a WB Holden Tradesman in red, CM Chrysler Valiant Regal in green, and a VK Valiant Charger. Unfortunately, no Falcon representative was present to demonstrate the compete lineup of Australian domestic offerings.
My favorite of the group is Australia's donk - the Chrysler Valiant Regal. This one's got the 4.0 with the 'Electronic Lean Burn' carb, or in Beaterblog terminology: an Electrarbouretor. Crushed velour, erect hood ornaments, and chrome accented vinyl tops were not just North American phenomena. The body colored rally wheels really set the car off and like a suited gentleman with a carefully groomed mullet, states clearly the enthusiasm for both business and party.

Fitzroy is packed with classic cars - the Peugeot 404 pictured earlier was seen cruising the Fitzroy streets. The funky vibe of the town along with it's appreciation for all things old and recycled helps to keep the streets full of old Holdens, Peugeots 404s, and Renault 16s.


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