Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deplorable Working Conditions at Beaterblog Ann Arbor Regional HQ

I'm not complaining but saying that my luck with cars this month has been bad is like saying that putting Ben-Gay on your inner thighs is uncomfortable. Automotive casualties this month have included major and unpredicatble Diesel fuel system maladies with the F-250 and profile gasket obliteration on the E30, causing coolant to spray out of the block in SuperSoaker 50-esque fashion. Both of these problems have left me with only one reliable car - Simca - which has no rear brakes and potato-skin-bald tires, therefore can't be driven in the snow.

So when it comes to fixing the cars, I figured I would have paid my dues and would have an easy time repairing them. Wrong, dead wrong.

While doing the head gasket work on the E30, my house suffered a catastrophic plumbing issue that made the back yard and driveway look like All Quiet on The Western Front. This isolated all of my cars in the back yard via the large doo-doo canal on one side guarded by an 8' mountain of dirt and driveway chunks and left me with no running water and no electricity outside. Then 9" of snow fell.

Although disaster struck, Edward Surovell Realty and Edward's Plumbing and Drain had it fixed in one day which was pretty friggin' amazing considering the scope of the work, so both are highly recommended to deal with.


  1. It's times like these that you wish there was a flat-black fiat firebird convertible to motor around town in (during the daylight of course)....

  2. This is every beater owners nightmare. I pray all my sacrifices to the car gods save me from your fate.