Thursday, January 20, 2011

T-Topz' Limo is For Sale and on Jalopnik!

Friend of Beaterblog, T-Topz bought this car about five years ago in it's pure velour on white condition. I can't describe it's current form better than T-Topz' brother, Mini-Topz. Here it is, now featured on Jalopnik and for sale here!

I've had many-a-ride to and from the bar in the thing...Crack Pipe!


  1. I remember the day Topz got her like it was yesterday. Although in our defense we did make it a full 2 blocks before we got pulled over, we were just as confused as the cop when he questioned why when running the license plate it came back as a Dodge Neon. Wow, those were the days....

  2. I won't forget when we were driving to Busy Bee's with no defroster and the wipers had fallen off on Max's trip to PCB. Mini-topz was freaking out because he couldn't see but no one else cared at all!