Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beater How To - Worst Trailer Lights Ever

What's the worst part about towing? That's right - the lights. No matter what style of connector you have be it 4 pin flat, 4 pin round, 6 pin, 7 bin blade, male or female, I have news for you: your truck has the wrong connector for whatever you happen to be dragging behind it. AutoZone will be happy to help you find the adapter for which you were desperately searching last time you borrowed a truck and/or trailer but they are unequipped to help you now.

Have no fear for I have engineered a truly substandard solution. Chinese LED mini-flashlights are now practically cheaper than sunlight. So cheap, in fact, that you can even take your taillight lenses off, drop a lit one in, and seal it back up for the drive home. Or in the case of my busted lights, just leave them half way in switch side out.

No doubt, the preferred solution would be to have the trailer lights hooked up using the correct connector on both sides but sometimes there are emergencies where the procurement of a project opportunity could be hanging in the balance. If you are a big fan of blinkers and brake lights this temporary fix may not be for you.

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