Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beat on the Street - HR Holden Premier

While driving through the inner suburbs of Sydney, this HR Holden caught the corner of my eye and I had to crank extra hard on the unassisted steering of my loaner Camry to turn around and take a look, posing an even greater threat to traffic safety.

The HR Holden was controversial for it's modern styling but still proved ridiculously popular. In a continent of approximately 11 million people, Holden managed to sell 252,352
of them in two years - roughly the equivalent of GM trying to hock 3.4 million Cruzes by the end of this year. Of course, they would probably sell more them if you could get one in a station wagon, sedan, and utility body style - hint, hint, GM. Although not the most common of the sixties and seventies Holdens, these cars are still cheap and plentiful, making excellent commuters and surf wagons alike.

This supposedly top of the line Premier and somehow got the optional 126hp 186 cubic inch six but missed out on reverse lights and washer nozzles, making for an odd combo of options. From the looks of it, this car is still used daily and has been updated with a CD player and The Club to deter HR seeking hoodlums in Sydney's upper West.

Despite being nearly 45 years old, there are still many, many old Holdens on the road. Example given: check out the HX Kingswood passing by the frontal shot without me even noticing. This serves as further proof that the Australian climate - save for the flooding - provides just enough rust for an endearing patina but no more.

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