Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beat on the Street - 1969 KE10 Toyota Corolla 1200

Assembled side-by-side with Ramblers, early Australian Corollas were screwed together from completely knocked down (CKD) kits by an outfit called AMI in Melbourne. AMI started out with the help of Standard cars in the late twenties, later building AMCs, Toyotas, Mercedes, and Triumphs local to the Australian market. After 22 years of Toyota production, Toyota bought out AMI, essentially making a baby-NUMMI that continues to produce cars and CKD kits for the entire South Pacific market.

In terms of Corollas, these cars were essentially right-hook versions of American market cars. This one is a very American spec version with the 1200cc motor and 2-speed "Toyoglide" transmission. There is, however, some British market influence with it's fantastic Rostyle-inspired 4 spoke wheels.

The A10 Toyoglide transmission is essentially an Aisin-Warner built GM Powerglide. I'd have to imagine that a 1200cc pushrod non-crossflow four infront of a Powerglide has to be devastatingly slow at absolute best. Early Toyoglides drove around in second gear unless the driver manually forced the car into first. Let's hope that's not what going on here in the later cars.


  1. I'd love to have one of these, even if it is painfully slow. Those 4-spoke wheels are just too cool, and there's something so much fun about driving these tiny cars around.

    Jason | JDM Cars

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