Monday, December 6, 2010

Marketplace Feature: Big Body Fords

The owner selling this Crown Vic wagon is also selling a slightly older LTD. And that's not all - he's also got a '75 Elite in the garage and yet another LTD - two door this time - under the cover beside the grey one. Is that enough for him? Hell no, he was out looking at another four door earlier in the week! Aside from the big Ford sedan fetish, he also has a Camaro, a Model T, and a '64 Ford F-250.

The price on the sedan is $3,500 which is alot, but it is practically a new car. Being from New Mexico, it has no rust at all and even retains dealer option seat covers over the vinyl interior, which itself must be rare in a non-police-issue Crown Vic. If I remember right, it's got somewhere around 120k on it.

The price on the swanky two tone LTD is $1,800. There are a couple bubbles here and there but nothing too major. The tufted velour seats look supple, fuzzy, and reflective - not matted, stinky, and pounded flat like most cars of this vintage. As the boxy body style of LTD is becoming older, it's starting to look a bit classic and more appealing. Ironically, way classier and less skeez-tastic than a Town-Car.

The prices are a little on the high side but I have a feeling the owner is a little negotiable. He's really friendly anyway and enjoys a chat about cars, so if you are interested, give him a call.

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