Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beating in Progress - Beating around Australia, The Sequel

It's a beater, but I'm going as easy on it as possible on this borrowed Australian 1992 Toyota Camry wagon. The condition of the vehicle would defy Kelly Blue Book classification but it owes me nothing and has performed way beyond expectations. So far, it has braved the locust storms of the central New South Wales coast, the near freezing temperatures of Phillip Island, and the now scorching heat in my current location in the hoon capital of the world: Newcastle.

So far, there have been few issues to note. Other than the at times complete paralysis of the melted instrumentation needles, puking of coolant at random times, and windshield wipers that don't work when it's raining (or locusting) hard, it has been dead reliable in all the important areas. Mess ups that I'm responsible for would include incessantly leaving it out of park, leaving the lights on (buzzer's broke), and risking it's life by traveling the wrong direction down the road with frequency. The occasional curbing of tires on the left side of the car has also been known to happen.

Tomorrow it will travel down to the banks of the Murray River at the Victorian border for some camping where it will receive another big handful of eucalyptus leaves in the console to keep the naturally occurring smell of seawater and hot vinyl at bay.

Back in Melbourne, it will get an oil change, detailing, and some new wiper blades. Hopefully the owner will notice the newly repaired speedometer but not that the needle is 1/2" shorter...more on that later.

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