Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beat on the Street - 1966 Chevrolet Corvair

Seeing this car in Blowing Rock, NC brought back memories of the '63 Corvair coupe that my dad had in '89-91. I remember going to buy it from an old lady who never got up from the couch while Jeopardy was on, Dad driving around in reverse on cold mornings to get the two forward gears to come into action before driving me and my frequently carsick brother to elementary school, and of course the stalling on left turns. He eventually sold it to some guy who had dreams of using the motor in some sort of homebrew aircraft - not really sure if Dad told him about the whole left turn stalling thing. Let's hope it didn't matter.

This is the 140HP model, the highest potency 164 cubic-inch six without the turbo. complete with metalflake paint, pinstriping, and chrome Craigers. It's kind of early 90's nostalgic, but in my opinion this style is starting to look good again. I think that the checkered flag badging was specific to the Monza models but I could be wrong.

Corvairs are still really, really cheap and abundant on craigslist and it's always tempting to pick up any one of the undervalued variants.

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