Friday, December 31, 2010

Beat on the Street - One Living and One Dead Peugeot 404

Surprisingly popular here in the land built on a sheep's back is the robust yet stylish Peugeot 404. Most having been long since retired from daily service in the US, the tough old Pugs seem to be popular with hobbyists and commuters alike. My 404 count so far in about two weeks is 4 which to me is a shockingly high number!

The first example shown was seen cruising the streets of Melbourne's historically preserved first suburb, Fitzroy. As an antithesis, the second example lies dormant, or likely beyond, in a barn near rapidly developing Charlestown, NSW.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beating in Progress - Beating around Australia, The Sequel

It's a beater, but I'm going as easy on it as possible on this borrowed Australian 1992 Toyota Camry wagon. The condition of the vehicle would defy Kelly Blue Book classification but it owes me nothing and has performed way beyond expectations. So far, it has braved the locust storms of the central New South Wales coast, the near freezing temperatures of Phillip Island, and the now scorching heat in my current location in the hoon capital of the world: Newcastle.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Market Place: Monster Dodge Flower Car Will Burn You Alive

This might be the scariest lawn ornament in Detroit. Its made of ancient rusted Detroit steel, spews fire in every direction, and was welded together by art students. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Does Glass Break for No Reason?

Replacing a rear window was not what I had originally planned to do on my snowy Saturday morning.

My poor E30's rear window was completely shattered but remained completely intact until I slammed the door. No foul play is suspected as my CD player and iPod remain in the vehicle. No branches or small rocks are present in the area. Completely clean crime scene - no evidence.

Does water get in the driprails and freeze? Was my chassis tweaked, stressing the window? Is this an act of local wildlife? If anyone has any insight, please enlighten me in the comments below!

Beat on the Street - 1966 Chevrolet Corvair

Seeing this car in Blowing Rock, NC brought back memories of the '63 Corvair coupe that my dad had in '89-91. I remember going to buy it from an old lady who never got up from the couch while Jeopardy was on, Dad driving around in reverse on cold mornings to get the two forward gears to come into action before driving me and my frequently carsick brother to elementary school, and of course the stalling on left turns. He eventually sold it to some guy who had dreams of using the motor in some sort of homebrew aircraft - not really sure if Dad told him about the whole left turn stalling thing. Let's hope it didn't matter.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Marketplace Feature: Big Body Fords

The owner selling this Crown Vic wagon is also selling a slightly older LTD. And that's not all - he's also got a '75 Elite in the garage and yet another LTD - two door this time - under the cover beside the grey one. Is that enough for him? Hell no, he was out looking at another four door earlier in the week! Aside from the big Ford sedan fetish, he also has a Camaro, a Model T, and a '64 Ford F-250.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ronrico Rum Presents - Fodder For a Weekend Full of Bad Decisions

How would your life change if overnight you were to win "The Marshall Tucker Band Sweepstakes"? Suddenly, you were endowed with a 1982 Trans-Am Turbo equipped with a Craig stereo tape deck loaded with the soundtrack to a weekend of destruction? A win like this could completely change the trajectory of your existence.

This month in 1981, someone just won a 301 cubic inch, Turbocharged redneck chariot and 1500mL of bad life choices in a bottle.

Get ready to burn to the ground, Myrtle Beach!