Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marketplace Feature: 1969 Chrysler Newport

Now parked on Hwy 12 in Clinton, MI - in the same spot previously occupied by past Marketplace vehicles - is a pea green metallic Chrysler C-body.

These 'Fuselage' body style Mopars were the last true domestic hardtops available when they were finally phased out in '78. This Newport is from the first year of production for the new body style; 1969.

Unfortunately, a pop of the hood revealed the 290hp 383 instead of the 440 that I was hoping for. There is a bit of rust in the rear quarters and where the vinyl top was stripped off (Boooo, hisssss!!) but nothing too scary. The car has 70's Ohio plates and a Mopar Nationals sticker so it could be a recent barn find traded at a swap meet.

Cars parked in this location are typically a bit overpriced but they seem to move very quickly so we'll see how long this one lasts at $2,200.


  1. Hi, did this car ever sell to someone? BTW perhaps you already know but- standard/custom model 69' Chrysler Newport typically came from the factory w/ 383 2bbl motors...but it would be extremely easy to pull the 383 and replace with a 440. However I have a 70 Chrysler Newport and I have worked the 383 in it a bit and it's no slouch, plus it can rev higher than the 440 due to its shorter stroke.
    -Mopar Head

    1. This thing is still around the Clinton/Tecumseh area but I'm not sure if it's still for sale. A Hopped up 383 or 440 would be the only way to go - this thing is huge.

  2. Yeah, like 22ft long, can you dig it?! There's nothing like sitting behind a long wide ass hood with the tree stump pulling torque of a 383 or 440 pulling you along.

  3. My family's 1st brand new car was this exact model ... same color with same vinyl top.

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