Monday, October 25, 2010

How To: Sweep Your Bride Away via Motorcycle

I knew my woman was a keeper when I suggested (in complete jest) that we ride away from our wedding on my Ducati, and she immediately said "yes". Now all I had to do was figure out how to pull it off.

The idea had a lot going for it. We were dealing with a minuscule budget and using my Duc meant no need for limo. The reception hall was barely half a mile from the church so any discomfort from riding in formal wear was short lived. Most appealing though was the Wow-factor. We knew impressive ice sculptures, the string quartet, and chocolate fountain were out of the question. Watching a woman in a wedding dress mount a sport bike made the wedding memorable without shelling out more cash.
After a few weeks of considering the task, my bride-to-be began to have doubts about two wheeled wedding transportation. She had two major concerns. First, the helmet (mandated by the State of Michigan) might damage her carefully designed hair-do and make-up. This was the easier problem to solve. I borrowed an XXL open face helmet big enough to slip over her do without upsetting it. For added effect, I used hot melt glue to attach a long veil.

The more difficult problem was how to contain the dress. Or in other words, how to keep the dress from being caught in the exposed chain, wheel, or exhaust thereby ruining the happiest day of our lives. Since she had her arms wrapped around me, she couldn't hold it up on her own. Using two double-sided Velcro straps we carefully balled up as much of the dress as possible making sure to lift it above her knees. Keeping the soft side of the Velcro towards the fabric protected the dress from damage. As an added bonus, raising the dress up exposed the shoes Tatiana had so carefully chosen. Without mounting the bike they would most likely have spent the day in seclusion under the skirt.

Decorating a wedding car is pretty straight forward since precedent can be your guide. Writing "just married" on the window in shoe polish and tying some cans onto the back bumper is considered the industry standard. After maybe fifteen minutes of deliberation, I decided blue painters tape is the motorcycle equivalent of shoe polish. When I arrived about an hour before the ceremony I parked the Monster right outside the church steps to help send a message. While the few friends and family members informed of our plans expressed universal approval, I sensed more than a tinge of skepticism.

All our guest waited eagerly to see if we could pull it off. When the time came my new wife donned the helmet, tied up the dress, and straddled the bike like she was born for it. She even kept smiling despite a chilly breeze. We rode off to the chimes of church bells and jingle of Ducati dry clutch.

Pictures courtesy of Kenny Schabow Photography


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