Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Article - Road and Track's Review of the Taunus Cologne Motors

Although there are some notable exceptions, it seems to me as though mainstream automotive media has become largely hype and adrenaline based. Article after article of "Sedan Shootouts!" consisting of five different drivers driving ten similar-but-different cars around three different tracks, concluded with a forced quantization of what was essentially a subjective analysis of each car, with scores added up to determine the victor that you already knew would win. All written in Top Gear format, of course.

Looking back at these same magazines but 30-40 years prior, there is a different tone entirely. From my readings so far, things seem much more fact based and the writings take somewhat of an engineering approach.

Take this article featuring the engines in the 1965 lineup of the German Ford Taunus 12, 17, and 20M. I don't think something like this would be considered newsworthy by today's automotive press. It's interesting but it's sure as hell not fast and sexy to cover economy cars that left the domestic market a half of a decade ago. And I really don't think that the readers used to the popular format would have the patience for the amount of detail presented in the article. I think it's the same reason Mr. Wizard is no longer favored morning television amongst 5-10 year olds.

Ok, enough of a rant for now. Enjoy the reading!

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