Monday, July 12, 2010

Beat on the Street: Traffic Cone Edition

Each time I visit Northern Michigan it seems like every early '90s GM A-body has gone up there to slowly rust and die. The woods are filled with the diesel like rattle of the Iron Duke. This example sports an attractive rattle-can finish in safety orange and a wooden header panel.

At sixteen, I spent most of my time behind the wheel of a 1988 Chevy Celebrity. For me it epitomized the General's 1980s line-up: cookie cutter styling, soft floaty suspension, and steering that gave only a vague impression it lead to the wheels. Other than some electrical gremlins it was reliable though entirely unrewarding. The 2.5L push-rod Iron Duke motor was loud, returned mediocre economy and was utterly bullet proof. I'd like to think those are the reasons so many of them soldier on above the rifle line, the domain of the Iron Duke.

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