Monday, May 31, 2010

Cars and Caffeine, May Car Show

Fine weather and the holiday weekend made far a strong showing at Auto Zone Hobbies weekly Cars and Caffeine meet. Sure metro-Detroit hosts dozens of car shows every weekend, but how many of them include a Vector W-8? Pictures after the jump.
When I was twelve years old I had a Vector poster on my wall. The Vector only needed three words to win me over: "Worlds Fastest Car". As I grew up, I learned the Vector was really just vapor-ware before that term existed. I relegated the poster and my childish admiration to some part of my mind where I keep useless automotive trivia. That is, until its parked on Woodward like its prepared to go 200mph. Faced with the reality of an '80s American super car my inner twelve year old is awed and bewildered. Standing over the duct filled wedge makes it difficult to deny its existence.

This classic TVR looks superb in its faded, natural state. Thankfully its owner has subdued British reliability stereotypes and lack of factory support on this continent for decades to keep this car roadworthy. The string holding back the bonnet is nice touch.


  1. Loved the Vector. The american super car that really never was. To think one was just down the street, damn...

  2. I think I drew a picture of one on the inside of my Trapper Keeper doing a burnout that resulted in flames. Rad.

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