Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SBC Powered Chrysler Concorde, Most Unrewarding Project

The Small Block Chevrolet V8 is an institution of American motoring bringing ubiquitous torque and reliability to the masses in a light and inexpensive package. That's why SBC's can be found in nearly any vehicle with enough room under the hood. However, of all the vehicles I'd love to through a 305 at a Chrysler LH is at the end of the line.

While scrounging Parts Galore for neon and turbo van parts I stumbled upon this bright teal engine compartment. It took me several minutes just to overcoming the initial shock of why in the world someone would bother fabricating such a beast. Certainly any number of Cadillacs should fulfill a perversion for front wheel drive American luxury cars without any of the cost or effort.

In the junkyard, the car can't tell you how it arrived. The trans is laying under the car with a broken bell housing and no torque converter. Half-shafts were absent as well so its tough to say for certain if the power ever made it to the wheels. Perhaps its a project that never made it out of the garage, but then why not pull the SBC back out before sending it off to the crusher? Was there really no RX-7 or S10 or anything remotely exciting nearby without an SBC?

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