Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the Garage - Project FreE30

As I had mentioned earlier, Steve is moving to a sailboat and getting rid of everything. As a result, I've happened upon this '91 or so E30 318is that was given to me as an early wedding gift. I've been told that it's not so much of a present as a curse, but I'm a sucker for freebies.

The goal here, since it is technically a wedding present given to both parties, is to make it in to something that my girlfriend can beat on daily and something that I can throw around the track every now and then.

At the moment, the car is in rough shape but it shows some promise. In fact, it has 1/2 of a Spec E30 suspension somewhat fastened to the car. There is a bit of rust around the trunk lid and in the rear valance from years of beach salt which I may or may not take care of - probably not. The trunk is also mysteriously covered in hay on the inside and the entire outside of the car is blanketed in about a year's worth of whatever drips out of Spanish moss. There was also a massive squirrel's nest made of acorns in the engine bay packed around the battery tray and exhaust headers that had decomposed into mud on the bottom. The PCV catch can is a bottle of Cheerwine. I'm tempted to leave it because Cheerwise is awesome.

So here is the plan: find the other half of the Spec E30 suspension, take care of some of the rust if it's convenient, and scrub the hell out of everything - twice. In the end, I certainly will not have a nice car. Not by a long shot. However, I will have something that she can drive every day - even in the winter - without feeling bad and something that I can rag out at Waterford without feeling a smidge of guilt.

Anyone out there have some Spec E30 bits?


  1. There is a OMP FIA-legal rollcage for sale in Rockford, IL. ~1800 or more when new and not even sold in the US. $500 last i talked to the guy.

  2. That's a steal! I think I'll hold off on the cage for a while or at least until I get the right rear shocks and springs on it. I'm kinda tired of it's Torino stance already.