Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear John Letter from Chrysler

Dear 1971 Simca Owner,

This is really hard for us. Things just haven't worked out as we'd hoped. It's not you, it's us. I hope you aren't upset. At any rate, here's $125 for your troubles and your car. Please don't call us again...unless you want a real Chrysler.


Well, it's not exactly what it says, but more or less this sums it up. About 5 months after the original owner purchased his Eiffel Yellow '71 Simca Sedan, he received this letter. Although refused to cash out the $125 Mopar gift card and held on to his car, Chrysler ditched Simca like a bad habit and destroyed all evidence of the relationship.

Also included in this care package is a pamphlet on how to settle disputes with dealers. No, really.

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