Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beat on the Street in Finland, Wales, and Amsterdam

It's always nice to see beaters from around the world. Thanks to long time car buddy and friend of beaterblog, Jordan, here are some unusual sightings sent in from overseas with his commentary on each.

Subaru version of a Suzuki Swift seen in Scotland. True to Subaru, it had AWD.

Classic Range Rover 2 door and E type Coupe rotting away (or being parted out) in Conway, Wales. The owner had a nice house in a smart part of the walled-village but seemed OK with keeping his parts cars out in the open.

Daimer Conquest and Humber Super Snipe in Andreas, Isle of Man.

Skoda/VW Polo-camino in Barcelona, Spain.

Opel Manta that looks part Mad Max and part 1970s meth dealer. Spotted in Rovaniemi, Finland (near the Arctic Circle and home of the Arctic Rally)

This Dutchman didnt get the memo: he lives in Europe so why would be buy an american gas-guzzler barge like this? At least buy a Duravan or Econoline if you need the space! Spotted in Amsterdam (oh wait, that explains a lot).

Fulvia with required Lancia patina on the leading edge of the hood. Spotted in Amsterdam.

Hat tip to Jordan, former owner of a Range Rover Classic, W126 TD, E30, and other neo-classics that could be considered beaters, for these great pictures.

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