Friday, March 19, 2010

Marketplace Feature: Spec Neon Race Car

After much consideration, I'm selling the best car I've ever owned and I'm only slightly embarrassed its a Plymouth Neon.

When I first started racing in 2006 I bought the only race car I could afford, another 1995 Neon prepped for SSC for $3500. I ripped out the interior, added a cold air intake and showed up for drivers school. After two season I'd consistently moved toward the front of the grid and earned one pole and a few third place trophies in Waterford's competitive Spec Neon class. I was close, but my car was now on its eighth race season with at least five on the motor. To take the next step I needed a front running car with a strong motor. When I heard the NASA Spec Neon Championship car was on the market I snapped it up.

The past two seasons I've driven the #18 car have been entirely rewarding. I've earned nine wins, finished second in the 2009 SN points, and have a bunch of trophy's to show for it. While I'd like nothing better than to campaign another WHRRI season, I need to devote resources to other activities. So here's why you should buy my Neon.

The car has all the SN modifications, quaife, ice man intake, Mopar performance ECU, etc. The suspension is all the spec requirements and the struts are the Arvin non-adjustable which I prefer to the Koni's. I replaced both front struts this season and had a new exhaust fabricated before the 2009 season. The trans was also rebuilt at that time. I changed the car to manual steering by modifying a production (non-ACR) power steering rack. I really like the added feeling at the limit the manual rack provides. It also reduces weight and slightly increases power. I'll include an ACR rack and all the hardware to convert the car back to power steering.

The belts and all safety equipment is good for the 2010 season. The cage has NASCAR style double door bars on the driver's side. It has an AMD transponder hard wired. The car comes with a few boxes of spares, 5 toyo race tires with some tread left, and another 4 wheels.

Asking $5000 ready for driver's school and ready to win. Email for more info.

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