Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marketplace Feature: 1959 Carabela Hearsotargamino!

Wondering what to drive to this year's Dia De Los Muertos party? Look no further than this 1959 Carabela!

The Carabela was the first car made in series production in Argentina. Look familiar? It should - after Kaiser said 'al diablo con' passenger cars in 1955, they sent the tooling for the Kaiser Manhattan down to Argentina where it lived for another 7 years. Obsolete by our standards, of course, but to those who have never produced a car it surely seemed straight Jetsonian. IKA, the company formed to produce these cars, went on to locally build pretty much everything down the Kaiser, AMC, and Renault bloodlines as well as indigenous Alfa Romeo copies.

For only 10 grand, you could be the proud owner of this hearse/motorcycle hauler/pickup or whatever you want to make it. Go here for the ad on MercadoLibre

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