Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beat on the Street: Museum Edition - Baja 1000 XF Ford Falcon Trar-Ute

First off, there's nothing wrong with trars and it's perfectly OK to want one. Last year there was a Brazilian market Fiat Strada pickup-trar on Detroit craigslist and I kick myself daily for not buying it. No one is too good for a trar and they should always be respect.

Case in point, this icon of Australian motorsport is on display at the museum at the top of the hill at Bathurst.

This Ford XF Falcon Ute was trar-ized and then driven by Jim Hunter in the Baja 1000 back in 1987. One year earlier, he took a class win in a Blazer previously owned by Parnelli Jones. Deciding to try something different and Australian, this 4x4 Falcon ute was built to compete in a pickup truck class and was equipped with a 351 Ford V8 driving a GM Turbo 400 bolted directly to a Ford 9 inch rear end that was converted somehow to run independent torsion bars.

It's now on display at the Mount Panorama National Motor Racing Museum in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. More on this pilgrimage in future articles.

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  1. Worked on this when they were building it.

    Glad it survived. The thing was simple and an elegant solution