Sunday, January 31, 2010

BeaterBlog Vintage Archives, 1970 Mont-Tremblant Can-Am Race

With barely single digit temperatures I can't bring myself to step inside the garage, but my dad's basement the BeaterBlog archives are warm and toasty. In the summer of 1970 my dad made his way from an army base in California to Quebec for the Can-Am race at Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

Back then a military uniform and ID could get you a cheap stand-by ticket on nearly any air line and on Wednesday before the race dad had successfully made it to the Montreal airport and figured he'd bum a ride with someone else headed to the track. He asked the first person he recognized and Dan Gurney graciously offered to take him. Gurney won the season opener at Mosport two weeks earlier driving the dominant McLaren M8D. Dan's a really personable guy and they talked about drivers behaving badly in rental cars, how seriously a driver should examine a spin (or other close call) and the intricacies of club and pro racing. Dan went on to win the race, his last win in the top ranks of professional auto racing and after the race he agreed to take dad back to airport.

A PR executive at Reynolds Aluminum had gotten dad press credentials providing full access for him to take pictures with his trusty Pentax SL. All photo credits belong to Charles Houser.


  1. Phenomenal pictures, Dave. I now have a new desktop background.

  2. Thanks, I'm considering producing Polish Racing Driver's Association patches and membership cards. We need to run that by legal.