Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beat on the Street - Home Sweet Home Edition: 1976 Chevrolet Impala

This Impala has been spotted repeatedly in the AA park and ride lot near Hwy. 94 and other locations throughout the metro area. In the summer, the windows are down. In the winter, the windows are up and layered with cardboard. I've seen it in several places around town but I've never seen it move during the day.

When you love a car so much that there is no other conceivable option but to take up residency inside of it, then you are in clear possession the beater enthusiast trump card, if little else. This card can then be played in conversation with other shitbox driving gearheads when they elaborate on exactly what their vehicle has gotten them through, or the connection between car and driver.

Start of conversation:

"Dude, my Rabbit knows me. I wax that car so much the paint is starting to rub off on the edge of the fenders. That car has gotten my ass to Texas and back 5 times. I don't think anyone is as close to their car as I am. Sometimes, I even smell like Diesel, it's craziness"

"Oh yeah, that's cool. I feel like I have a connection with my car too. See, this morning I plugged my George Foreman in to the cigarette lighter and made Totino's Pizza Rolls for breakfast. Last night, I cracked a rib on the seatbelt buckle because the carabiner that holds my hammock to the A-pillar snapped. My jeans are a bit damp today because the snow melted off the roof this morning and the drip rails that normally fill the cistern ended up filling my dresser with water. I feel like we're mad-close these days"

Conversation over.

I've lived in a car for about 2 months before and it sucks horribly when compared to a house. More on that in future writings. I can only hope that this guy realizes the demo derby potential of his domicile and sells to for enough money to buy a house in Detroit.

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