Monday, December 7, 2009

PCPS December Meet

PCPS does not stand for Private Car Porn Service, but it should.

Perhaps metro Detroit's most endearing quality is the plethora gear head events taking place most weekends. Once a month the PCPS gang open the garage doors and let the admiring take a peek. Its not often you see a Ural motorcycle parked infront of a Countach. In person, the orange wedge is striking and without spoilers, flairs, or other non-sense its elegant as well. Most details on the car like the dash, instruments, and head lights look as if they were made for a concept car with no tell-tale signs of mass production. What does a 1975 mid-engine super car wear for rubber? 215-70VR14 on the rear.

Too many interesting
cars to list them all, here's a few of the high lights.

This Jag's restoration appears to be first rate.

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