Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beaterblog Product Review - Plasti-Kote Rebuilder's Cast Finish

What could possibly be worse than buying a brand new cast iron do-dad for you car only to have it flash rust overnight? Plenty of things, really, but I decided I'd had enough of the surface corrosion so I headed to the hardware store in search of a rattle-can full of some kind of reasonable paint or clearcoat. I came across a cast iron finish paint made by Plasti-Kote for the princely sum of $7.49, which by my books is hellaciously expensive for spray paint, but whatever.

I had shot blasted the master cylinder and steering box from my Javelin earlier in the day and decided to try the paint on them. I was a little worried that it would look really cheesy like the 'aluminum' colored spraypaint that I once used on the bumper of my father's truck as a young'un. Much to my surprise, the paint stuck perfectly to the bare pieces and looked fantastic. We shall see how it holds up to all of the fluids the car is likely to swill the engine bay with.

Overall, it's a bit pricey but so far seems well bought.

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