Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beat on the Street: Isuzu I-Mark Diesel Road Trip

This Tennessee plated first generation Isuzu I-Mark Diesel, derived from the GM T-body and the basis of the famed Isuzu Impulse, is on its way from the NC coast back to home. And with 58hp on tap and a potential 50mpg, why would you consider driving anything else?

GM 3.8V6 engine swaps are extremely popular with these cars in Australia, where they were sold as the Holden Gemini. The hot formula is the supercharged VT Holden Commodore V6 paired with the T-5 5 speed manual transmission, a fairly straightforward and well-supported engine swap.

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  1. These were the best car ever made,bulletproof driveline with the amazing little Isuzu 4fb1!!I know of 4 with over 1 million km's,show me a plastic piece of crap made nowadays that can get half that mileage without regular repairs and returns to the stealership!!