Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beat on the Strasse: 6 Wheel Citroen Camper

Yesterday's 6 wheeler might be a figment of the imagination, but today's is all real and parked only 15Km from Weissach. Weil der Stadt, Germany is not only the home town of Johannes Kepler, its also home to a collector of well used large French cars.

Of the 4 cars parked outside his flat, the camper is probably the most frog-ish of them all. It has just a bit more "je ne sais quoi" than the SM.
In all my German travels this was the only real sign that anyone had an affection for French motoring. A few Twingos or Clios are occasionally on the road for Polo drivers to look down on. After seeing a few older Porsches and M-Bs it felt great to stumble onto something alien to the US market.

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