Monday, November 16, 2009

Beater Junkyard Find: Iacocca K-car Limo

Of the dozens of Chrysler K-car variants and derivatives my favorite is the Executive Limousine. For me, it was a car of lore that only existed in my father's old brochure collection and car magazines. A product planning odity that seemed to have no market or purpose. Its probably fitting that my first face-to-face contact with the real thing was at Parts Galore junkyard. In some way I pity the executive who had to settle for what is merely a lengthened Reliant K.
In the junkyard, where cars are lined up side-by-side, its tough to stand back and take in the profile of an automobile and its only in profile that a limo can show its length. Even so its clear that Iacocca's version does have the proportions of a limousine, only smaller. Such is the paradox of the Iacocca limo. Big cars are stretched to make really big cars. Stretch a K-car and you're left with a compact limo. Its nearly the length of Cadillac Sedan de-Ville but only 3/4 the width. The short over hangs make the body between the wheels seem big in comparison.
The exterior has not faired well with plenty of rust bubbling out from under faded paint. Half-assed purple window tint completes the shady drug dealer look. This example was motivated by a Mitsu 2.6L naturally aspirate mill and not the 2.2L turbo.

Inside are real limo features like a partition between driver and passengers, rear audio controls, foot rests, plush interior, and fold down jump seats. And the interior of this example looks remarkably clean for the pick-a-part. These cars are tremendously rare and if this one was only a little nicer I'd be forced to save it to make the ultimate BB staff car.


  1. I have pictures of this as well when I saw it there. Never even knew they made em until I saw this.

  2. Dang it I actually have one of these. The odds of this one still being around aren't good, are they?

  3. Sorry, it was crushed a few weeks after I originally posted it. It was a shame too, someone roughed up the interior without taking much.

  4. I love Limo car so much The limousine always makes you feel happy and special. I had once Rent a Limo for prom night.

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