Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beater Blog Gets an Upgrade

Beater Blog is going up a trim level with high class plaid fabric and all new features. Don't miss the Marketplace (on the right hand tool bar) where the Beater Blog staff showcases the best and worst cars seeking a new home.

Sadly, our vodka fueled trip behind the Iron Curtain is over. We enjoyed ICW so much, it won't be our last them week. The Beater Blog staff is hotly debating theme topics for November so look for our next attempt in a few weeks. When it came time to remove all the red decorations we gave BB a new look and a new logo. Inspired by our favorite 1970's interiors we've gone brown-orange plaid all over the site. Also new is the land yacht inspired, gilded BB logo on the top left. I think it'll great on the my Rusty XJ.

Also check out the Beater Blog Marketplace. Beater aficionados are always looking for another future collectible rusty heap to take up yard space and the Beater Blog staff is no exception. We'll be sharing our favorite classifieds and our comments in the marketplace. The last five adds will appear on the BB main page and the rest are available after the jump. Send any of your favorite craigslist ads to

Hat tip to Jens for creating the logo, and Victor for putting it all together.

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