Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beat on the Street - Outer Banks Tow Vehicle Edition

On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it's not uncommon to see local "Hoi-Toiders" outfitting pretty much any vehicle with a hitch for pulling the boat, but how often do you see a semi-caminoized, bob-tailed, and steer horned ex-'Herrif' car towing a Zodiac? Not all that often.

As a beach cruiser, it's perfect - no interior door panels burn the forearms, no carpet to harbor stowaway sand crabs and stink to high heaven, and no unnecessary windows to be encrusted with salt spray. And if the tide rises a bit quicker than expected after all those Natty lights and the car is transformed into an artificial reef, no biggie.

The overhang in the rear has been shortened at least 2-3 feet, leaving no trunk space remaining. This, however, does create an ideal casting platform on the rear axle hump, also conveniently shaped like a cleaning table. Bolted in from the the fuel tank is a permanent bait and beer cooler. It appears that the whole thing can be hosed of all its blood, fishparts, and brine before baking in the sun. With all those softcore parts removed, it can't be slow either.

Maybe this could be the perfect future Beaterblog recreational vehicle?

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