Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beat on The Street - Bedford CF Dually Shaggin' Wagon

What's happenin' baby? You a Taurus too? Well hop in this late 70's period custom Bedford CF panel van spotted outside a hostel in Sydney's red light district. But I wouldn't touch anything if I were you...

Kings Cross, the inner Sydney suburb where this shagtastic British/Aussie hybrid van was spotted, is known more for it's dicey bars, prostitution, and hard drug problems than cars. This van is clear evidence of the effects of some of these social happenings.

Unlike their British base vehicles, Australian Bedford vans were typically Holden powered and locally assembled. Most Bedford vans were used commercially as paddy wagons, ice cream trucks, and generic white work vans but modified CF vans are commonly modified into Aussie A-Team van or Mystery Machine lookalikes. This CF is equipped with the Aussie grown Red Motor, or 202ci Holden straight six and Trimatic transmission. Equipped with the heavy duty 6-lug hubs and dually rear axle, this van is up to the task of hauling up to 2500lbs worth of heroin, bottom shelf rum, and various other forms of late night entertainment. Notice that behind the van is a previous BOTS entry - the FE Holden

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