Monday, November 16, 2009

Beat on the Street - AMC Eagle SX/4

This 'Special Edition' edition of BOTS brings you this 'it's a boy' colored AMC Eagle SX/4. But before we go into too much detail, some clarification needs to be made: Subaru did not make the world's first sport utility wagon. I'm not sure where they got that one.

It's tough to improve upon the already perfect 'almost-a-trar' AMC Eagle, but the special SX/4 option package on the two door liftback made for one of the best 4-wheel-drives ever. This well worn 5-speed, 258, and Selectrac equipped equipped model was spotted on the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, eagerly awaiting winter's snowdrifts and roads impassible to inferior automobiles.

The SX/4 option was a rally-sport appearance package on the 2-door Eagle liftback. If this was still too understated for you, there was another 'Sport' package on top of this that would have included murdered-out fender flares and egg crate grill, bumper mounted fog lights, sport steering wheel, red trim, and a floor shift, among other things - all for $394 back in '82. SX/4s were the second most popular Eagle, behind the wagon and were even campaigned in SCCA Pro-Rallies after their release.

It's a shame to see almost all of these cars being driven through the salt and left to rot, but you can't really blame the owners for using the cars for their intended purpose.

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