Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beat on the Street - 1978 Ford P6 LTD

Spotted in the parking lot of the Australian National history museum is this genuine Aussie blue oval big-body. It's odd seeing other nation's interpretations of classic American sedan designs and especially the oddball super-lux editions, but this down under design is spot on in capturing all malaise era design elements. It's got the front end of a '74 Catalina, Eldorado hubcaps, '77 Electra 225 rear quarters, and plenty of '74 Torino in the hips.

Don't like it? Well then watch "Mr. Nice Guy" and see Jackie Chan compressed into the rear seat as a mining truck drives over the top of a P6 LTD. Sacrilege.


  1. It's a P6(1976-1979) Ford LTD not a ZH Fairlane.
    This is bigger than a Fairlane.

  2. Noted. You are absolutely correct. Good eye.

  3. And...its a Silver Monarch, a limited edition unit of about 250 cars in this silver with silver Vinyl roof colors, and special red velour interior trim.