Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Happened to Plaid?

If one were to walk into any car dealership this day and age, he would be confronted with pamphlets filled with boxes to check. A myriad of bright color combinations, huge wheels, iPod compatibility and various other stylistic offerings that have been added to option sheets in order to make vehicles appeal to a fashion conscious crowd. But out of all of this modern technology and style, one thing is glaringly absent: Plaid.

For whatever reason, everything these days is plaid. Walking in to Sears to price out line wrenches over the weekend, I noticed that the plaid-washing was being taken to ridiculous levels: plaid pants, plaid bedcovers, plaid jackets, handbags, and plaid socks practically lined every store in the mall. I'll admit, I own a pair of plaid shorts and a plaid shirt or two, and they are very comfortable. I've always liked plaid, but never on myself as much as in the interior of my once daily driver, a mid-80's Toyota Corolla with blue seats that could have been upholstered with button-down shirts featured on Hee-Haw.

It begs the question: With all of this retro, back to plaid mentality, why can't our car seats look like kilts once again too?

I don't care if it makes me disappear into the patterns of my interior, or reminds my passengers of a farm house tablecloth, let me buy that metalflake brown G8 Sport Truck with tan and orange crosshatched interior. I'll be happy and The General will be one more vehicle closer to recovery.

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