Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Before They Were Beaters: Lada Niva

Ushanka? Check.
Silly sweater? Check
Florescent Yellow Niva? Check

It looks like these three guys are ready for some seriously covert ops in their trusty, but unfortunately conspicuous Lada Niva; a vehicle developed for this type of abuse in the Soviet Military. Thankfully, the Soviet-ness of these workhorses and their occupants was not disguised in this French language brochure, dated 1978.

Nivas were first produced in 1977 and sold in pretty much every country except the US (grudge much?) and remain in production today. Like the Niva but can't get past the two-door lifted Yugo look? That's ok - the Niva also came in regular and long wheelbase extended cab pick-up, soft-top, 4 door long wheelbase, and likely many other custom forms.

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