Monday, October 26, 2009

Before They Were Beaters - 1950 Skoda 1102

This couple, shrunken in typical 50's ad style, appears to be bombing along in their new Skoda 1102...well about as bombing as you can be in a 32hp car.

This ad comes from the British magazine Autocar, touting the new 1101 and 1102 models. These strange little cars looked like two-thirds scale '46 Chevrolets but contained some innovative features carried over from their prewar models such as transverse leaf independent suspension with swing axles, an overhead valve engine, and a centralized chassis lubrication system.

Skoda started their importation of vehicles into the US with this model series but may not have broken single digit annual sales until the Felicia and Octavia models were released. Just when things were getting truly interesting with its sporty rear engined offerings, Skoda left the US market in 1967. Vehicles remained for sale in Canada until Volkswagen shuttered Skoda's North American operations in 1988, less than a year before their planned re-entry into the US market.

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