Friday, October 9, 2009

Beating in Progress: Waterford Open Track Day

Every year, Waterford Hills Road Racing hosts several open track days attracting some of the finest machinery in the metro Detroit area, and some of the more abused.

Waterford Hills Road Racing coarse is one of the hidden gems of Metro Detroit. 1.4 miles of narrow race track, packed with all the good stuff a budding Schumacher could ask for so long as you stay on the paved parts. WHRRI hosts their own open track days several times a year, allowing any beater that passes a safety inspection, to tackle the 51 year old track. I brought the ChiaNeon to shake it down before its appearance at The Lamest Day.

Three dozen other cars braved drizzling rain and cool temperatures to get some of the last track time of 2009. Notable beaters included a well worn Lotus Europa that looked much less tail happy compared to its last WHRRI appearance. Several early miatas showed, one with SBC power but most making due with 1.6L of fury. Numerous BMW 3 series, and a couple Spec Neon rookies got some seat time before the long wait until driver's school. The corner workers were excellent and all cars avoided the walls and trees.

Hat tip to Isaac for crewing the Chia, and to Fabian for his first track day in his newly purchased Elise.

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