Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beating in Progress: 24 Hours of LeMons Lamest Day Recap

From 10-04-2009 Lamest Day

At the checker flag, the ChiaNeon finished 5th and earned our third "Fastest Yank Tank" award.

It was another 24 hour roller coaster ride and the Latch-Key Kids had our usual ups and downs. At the end, we were running strong and near the front. For perspective, this completes five LeMons for the ChiaNeon and keeps our streak alive:

Detroit '07: Fastest Yank Tank, 3rd overall, finished on blown head gasket

Thunderhill '07: Fastest Yank Tank, 2nd overall, ran out of oil on last lap

Detroit(ish) '08: Yeast Horrible Yank Tank, 4th overall, blew 3rd and 4th gear

Houston '08: 4th overall, finished strong

Lamest Day '09: Fastest Yank Tank, 5th overall, finished strong

Full race report at the Latch-Key Kids blog.

Chia-centric pictures are on flickr and photobucket.

Special thanks to Susan and Eunice for the on track support.

From 10-04-2009 Lamest Day

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