Sunday, October 18, 2009

BeaterBlog Presents Iron Curtain Week

BeaterBlog is commemorating the glorious Russian October revolution in grand soviet fashion. We're turning the whole site red and feeding you five days worth of eastern block automotive information propaganda. Its our first annual Iron Curtain Week.

BeaterBlog has always had special fascination with automobiles from the "evil empire". For decades, millions of people behind the Iron Curtain lived in virtual forced automotive deprivation. Personal vehicular choices ranged from copied 1960's Fiats on the good end, to air cooled anemic micro cars on the other. Of course, that is assuming you were important enough to get on the waiting list to ever get a car. Even after the fall of communism Russia is filled with vehicular relics from the cold war era (aided by large import tariffs). With few exceptions, each is a text-book beater worthy of our attention.

Hat tip to my Russian friend Sasha. If you need to find it in Omsk, Siberia; he can get it.

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