Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beater Barn Find: 1956 GMC Task Force

Fresh out of the barn is this one-owner 1956 GMC Pick-up. It has lived a hard life as a work truck on a dairy farm but is not yet beyond the capabilities of the automotive handy-person, whether it be for restoration or further farm duty.

This particular truck is a stepside 3/4 ton 3500 model, equipped with the 235ci Stovebolt six and an early version of the Hyrda-Matic transmission which omits the 'Park' position. The engine turns over freely and supposedly only needs a battery to run, but you'll never know until you try. The interior is completely trashed and so is the exterior, but it's a remarkably complete and solid Southern truck.

These pictures were taken a year ago, but the truck remains in similar condition now. It's not officially for sale but the owner would most likely take a bit over scrap value for it. I was supposed to bring it to the jaws last summer along with 20 or so other vehicles, but I stalled and scrapped other cars in the yard first, luckily running out of time. Email for details.

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